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What Are Adventure Racers Saying About The
Toyota Tundra Adventure Racing Series?

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1. Jim's Bicycle
2. Tim & Scott Slind
3. Gene Lunger
4. Team Wild Bores
5. Fitness Clinic
6. Clio Knowles
7. Team Gecko
8. Stacy Frank
9. Leonora Lamoncha
10. Super Sprint Soloist
11. 5 Kidneys

Champions Crowned In North Miami at the
Toyota Tundra Adventure Racing Championship!

Season Finale Nice Reprieve For Champ Evans.
The most challenging course of the Toyota Tundra Adventure Racing Series was just what Fort Lauderdale firefighter Evan Evans needed. More Dirt>
The Moos Is Loose!
In Adventure Racing, finishing ahead of your teammates is taboo. Throughout the entire competition, teams run, sweat, paddle and sometimes even collapse as a unit. More Dirt>

That's right race fans with the surprise of Evan Evans dominating wins on this years series the fans are crying out to the former champ Rich Mularski to come back to the series and show Evan who’s the boss of the South Florida bad lands of racing.

Could Evan Evans hold up to the beating we all know Rich Mularski can dish out? Is Evan Evans to fast for the former champ?

This dream match up should come to a peak as the 2005 season kicks off. As it stands, most of the adventure racing crowd is in awe of the man of steel, Evan Evans, who as a soloist shows us how dominating one man can be. From the mountains of Georgia to the switch backs of South Florida Trails, he is what’s next in the sport of adventure racing.

Rich if you’re out there the gauntlet has been laid down.